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We are not alone! When aliens started to destroy cities, only one ninja stood up to the challenge and fought back.

This game was made for a game jam, and the theme was Unlikely video game genres. So I combined the beat'em up gameplay with tetris: you can punch and kick the tetris pieces to rotate, flying kick to position, and cut them down with your sword to drop them down. Their (short of) shadow is the tetris part. There could be some bugs in the game and there is only one long level.

Control for keyboard:

arrows, or WASD: move around

Insert or H: punch (rotate 1)

Delete or N: kick (rotate 2)

Home or J: flying kick (position to side)

End or M: sword attack (drop)

Page Down: throw shurikes (if avialable)

(Do not press R, it restarts the level, but doesn't clear the tetris pieces properly)

Control for gamepad:

Sticks or Dpad: move around

X: punch (rotate 1)

A: kick (rotate 2)

Y: flying kick (position to side)

B: sword attack (drop)

Triggers: throw shurikes (if avialable)

This is a prototype, and was only made for a specific game jam.


Music by Vincenzo.

Code graphics and sounds was made be my.

See this, and more on my homepage: https://pixelkrajcar.com/

I post something new now and then on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pixelkrajcar


Ninja Tetris_homepage.zip 7 MB

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