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A tribe of firebats are enslaved by the bosses of hell. They have to entertain them with juggling and destroying bricks in order to survive, otherwise any firebat is executed immediately.

Keyboard controls: LEFT, RIGHT or A, D to move left and right, SPACE or B to shoot the ball. ESCAPE, P or PAUSE to pause the game (F4 to exit to main screen from there)

Gamepad controls: STICKS or DPAD left, right to move, A to shoot the ball. START to pause the game (Y to exit to main screen from there)

As this is a prototype , it has some strange bugs and lack of some features this type of game should have. The ball bouncing can do some crazy things (bouncing to strange directions, stuck in walls or invinvible bricks), so I built in some failsafes to ensure a more wholesome gameplay. Also it could be inbalanced on some of the levels. Should any level give you a headache, press Page Up to go to next level and Page Down to previous level.

This was made for a game jam in one month, the theme was: Kill it with fire.


Code, desig, SFX and GFX: László Eszik (Coyote)

Level design: Krisztián Olasz (Chrisyss)

Music: Andrew Sitkov

See this, and more on my homepage: https://pixelkrajcar.com/

I post something new now and then on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pixelkrajcar


Firebat.zip 8 MB

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